Whether it is Entertainment, News Reporting, Sports Coverage, Observation, Collaboration, Live Events, House of Worship, Teleconference, Research, Streaming, Cyanview’s remote shading of Marshall Mini Cameras enhances live productions.

Multi Camera RCP for the needs of Professional Broadcast

  • A universal RCP panel which supports all Marshall camera models
  • The CI0 interface provides serial camera control over IP
  • PoE for data and control over a single cable
  • Tally indicators on CI0 interface or external LED

Miniature HD Cameras

CV503/DC506, CV344, CV346, CV380
CV500 (Pelco OSD only)

Zoom Block cameras

CV350, CV365
On request: CV420, CV255, get in touch!

PTZ Cameras

CV620, CV630, CV730

Lipstick cameras

CV225, CV226

Main CCU controls

  • OSD menu navigation
  • Iris – Auto / Manual
  • Exposure – Shutter, Auto / Manual
  • White Balance – Auto / One Push / Manual
  • Gain
  • Color gains
  • Saturation
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Detail
  • Gamma
  • Master Pedestal (MPED)
  • Auto Focus On/Off
  • Optical Zoom / Digital Zoom
  • White Clip

More cameras?

  • Multicam RCP — A single RCP can control any number of cameras, mixing different models and even makes
  • Multicam Interface — Directly connect up to 2 cameras on a CI0 interface
  • RS485 Multicam Bus — Up to 8 cameras can be connected on a CI0 port when a camera bus is configured

CV-PT-HEAD – Pan/Tilt Head

  • IP control of the Marshall Micro Remote Pan/Tilt Head
  • Actuation from the RCP touchscreen
  • USB camera joystick as an option
  • VISCA joystick panels as an option

Integrated in OB workflows

Camera control over IP, integration with routers and router panels (1) and integration with color correctors (2) is the perfect combo to achieve the best quality and effectiveness on high-end broadcast shows.

Synchronized with color correctors

When color correctors are added for extra flexibility, 2 different sources of control become necessary. Cyanview’s RCP merges seamlessly both the camera controls and the color corrector channels as a single full feature camera.

One RCP for all your specialty

One RCP is all you need to shade all your specialty cameras. Saving space is an important factor, but the integration of the RCP with the router and panels makes it extremely convenient to shade many cameras.

Integrated for compact setups

A single RCP is enough to cover all your needs. The integration with routers or switchers makes it very effective to paint multiple cameras from a single panel.

Synchronized with color correctors

When color correctors are added for extra flexibility, 2 different sources of control become necessary. Cyanview’s RCP merges seamlessly both the camera controls and the color corrector channels as a single full feature camera.

Multi-Camera Remotes

The RCP and joystick controllers are synchronised as a multi-camera remote with no limitations. Instant camera selection is done either on the RCP, on the router panel or on a Streamdeck.

Shade Anything Anywhere

Wireless Remote Production with RIO

Go Mobile — Shade your cameras anywhere over the internet, using a DSL line or a modem connection over 3G/4G/LTE cellular. The perfect companion to bonded video technologies for beauty shots, specialty angles on motorbikes or golf carts, etc.


Any Camera
Pan/Tilt Heads


Direct Ethernet
Cellular 4G / LTE
RF Modems *Future option

Remote production: control from anywhere

  • RIO and Cyanview’s cloud relay enables camera control over any internet connection: wired, wi-fi or cellular
  • The Cloud Relay service is designed to run without any special configuration of the routers
  • Anything can be controlled remotely, not only the camera but tally, lens or pan/tilt heads and gimbals


RIO provides 2 serial ports for cameras just like the CI0

RIO  — Internet connection

There’s a multitude of solutions to stream video over the internet but nothing addresses camera control. RIO bridges this gap bringing all local shading over the internet without any specific IT setup.

RIO — Wifi

Over a local network or at a remote location over the internet, RIO can control cameras and robotic heads over any kind of connection including Wi-Fi.

RIO — 4G Cellular

The ultimate wireless connection in a lot of situation today is cellular. Using a USB modem, RIO can extend its shading controls over 4G, ideal to stay in control of your for beauty shots or mobile viewpoints.

1/4-20” Mount

A top 1/4-20” screw can directly hold the camera on top of the CI0 interface. Another 1/4-20” Mount thread sits at the bottom of the CI0 to easily for on a tripod or magic arm.

Cables for each camera

Cyanview provides cables to directly fit the 12 pin Hirose connector on the latest Marshall cameras. Other cables are provided to fit the previous models such as the CV502. All pinouts are available on the website.

Block Terminal

Cameras such as the CV502, CV350 are equipped with a block terminal. The CY-CBL-6P-FAN20 cable is a simple fanout which provides power and RS485 control.

Marshall Fanout

The CY-CBL-6P-PFAN cable fits lipstick camera CV225/CV226 and the fanout cable provided by all new Marshall cameras. The red connector provides power and the green phoenix block terminal has RS485 data.

Visual Feedback when connected

The CI0 has 2 serial ports with both provide power and control data. Visual feedback is provided on the LCD: the camera number turns bold as soon as the camera is detected and controlled by the RCP.

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