Live with camcorders

Excellent imagers, powerful exposure regulation and affordable pricing: camcorders are heavily used for live and quasi-live productions but rarely with remote shading capabilities.

Camcorders as system cams

Having to do shading and tally over coms, and just dropping the ball because of conflicts, bad understanding with operators ?
Adding shading and tally will get you closer to typical workflows using system cameras.
Cyanview system allows remote control of camcorder features making them usable as main cameras for live production. The video operator is able to adjust exposure, black levels and more, of any cameras he is in charge.


Cyanview drives most of the existing camcorders whatever their physical interface are: serial Lanc, serial specific or IP. It controls the internal features of the camcorders as well as lens control when available. New cameras are added each month.


Cyanview provides tally signaling so that the camera’s operator is aware of being “On Air” without intercom. Tally input is provided directly from Cyanview RCP or from GPIO Atem switcher, TSL,…

Mixing models

Mixing brands and models while still being able to match them becomes easy through a single RCP. More flexibility in the choice of cameras, tight budgets and better results at the end.

Easy setup

Cyanview system targets to reduce setup time at minimum by being plug and play. Camcorders are interfaced to IP without need of special cables and a single RCP controls all the cams and their features.

Shading and matching

Matching unleashes the range of camcorders being used and provides a high end image quality for tight budget. Even GoPro and simpler cameras can be added to the workflow: Cyanview’s VP4 shades and matches colors for them..



Use cases

Survivor game

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