Live with Minicams

Due to their size and weight, mini-cameras should have a very wide range a of use: beauty shots, multiple viewpoints, original angles and details especially since their performance is close to that of the larger cameras.

Mini-cameras confined

Main limitations of mini-camera are relative to their branded remote control making their setup specific and locking them in a closed world. Mixing camera brands or types, adding controlled lens or gimbal, using HF transmission is unwelcome or complex.

Cyanview system relaxes these constraints by adding control on IP for mini-cameras and opens the way to easily integrate mini-cameras into the main broadcast workflow..

Easy setup

By converting a mini-camera as an IP device, the setup of mini-cameras becomes close to a basic IP setup that can be done through the RCP web interface. Cyanview devices are PoE compatible so that connections for supply drop down.

Workflow integration

CY-RCP natively controls color correctors and switchers. It can be synced with router panels: selecting a camera on the router will select it on the RCP. These features contribute to a deeper integration of minicams in your workflow.

Mixing with PTZ

CY-RCP is compatible with most of PTZ cameras. So one can use additional PTZ without redesigning their workflow. Even more, Cyanview’s CY-RCP supports branded panels dedicated to move control or low cost joysticks for controlling pan, tilt and zoom.

Easy setup

Cyanview system targets to reduce setup A single CY-RCP may drive a lot of mini-cameras connected to the same LAN, whatever the physical link is. Each CY-CI0 is able to interface two mini-cameras and even to supply them through a PoE link if any.
Enriching production with additional PTZ is easy and does not upset the existing workflow. Common user interfaces as joysticks, Streamdeck can be added directly to the one to the USB port of the CY-RCP


Color correctors

Use cases

Use case: IMG Germany

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