AtomOne SSM500 Camera and Cyanview CI0

🎥 Workflow breakdown – ATOM SSM500 in EVS mode with Cyanview CI0 & RCP

The best players deserve the best equipment ! Friday will be the last time we’ll see Roger Federer playing at an ATP event during the Laver Cup. To capture every point of Roger’s final game and the ones of all the games of this three day event what’s better than slow motion ?!

You can spot on the picture a Cyanview CI0 connected to high-speed camera AtomOne SSM500 from Dream Chip mounted with a Canon B4 lens.

As you can see on the diagram the camera is operated in EVS mode, the Cyanview RCP acts as a bridge between EVS system and the camera.

AtomOne SSM500 Camera and Cyanview CI0

📸 Photo credit: Phil Edwards | Gravity Media

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