🎥 Workflow breakdown – Advanced Shading of mirrorless cameras in 4G – [Sony FX30 setup]

We often get asked if we can shade mirrorless cameras with Cyanview. Yes we can and in this workflow breakdown, discover how to do discover how to do advanced shading in 4G with a Sony FX30.

During the Italy-France game of the Six Nations Championship rugby competition Cinevideo used Cyanview to shade in 4G a Sony FX30 mounted on an electronic stabiliser from 4acrew for capturing special shots and also pitch-side interviews.

For years now, Cyanview offers solutions for shading specialty cameras and integrating them in the main broadcast workflow.

Combining the RCP with the VP4 (our advanced color corrector) enables image processing of secondary colors to any camera and in this setup provides to the FX30 the missing controls required in a broadcast workflow.

Check the diagram below to see the detailed breakdown and visit the VP4 page on our support website.

📸 Photos credit: Andy Galeazzi

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