Cyanview, the solution to shade cine-style cameras on live events

We developed a solution to shade cine-style cameras on live events, including various lens controls where cameras like the Sony FX9 can’t handle it. We will show this at BSC Expo this week with CVP, this is why I’m trying to reach out to a couple of persons who might be interested to see it. We cover shading, tally, camera touchdown, processors and 3D Lut boxes control, wireless control and remote production.

In short, we manufacture a RCP panel which is protocol/brand agnostic and is used to shade any model of cameras:

  • Cine Style
    • Sony Venice, FX9, FX6, FX3, A7S3, the new FR7 PTZ
    • Canon C300, C70
    • Panasonic Varicam, EVA-1
    • ARRI Alexa, Amira
    • RED Komodo, Raptor
    • Blackmagic
  • PTZ cameras: Panasonic, Sony, BirdDog, Marshall, etc…
  • ENG camcorders: Sony, Canon, Panasonic
  • Mini-cameras: Marshall, DreamChip
  • Box cameras or system cameras
  • Lots of specialty: drone, cable cams, gimbal/steady
New 2022 Cyanview RCP-Joystick

Our system has been used for specialty cameras on high-end sport events for quite some time now. There were 30 field camera feeds going through some kind of Cyanview control at the Superbowl LVII played on February 12, 2023. ACS, Timeline, NEP are using it in UK.
We have been developing the support for cine cameras last year and now nearly everyone is using it in France for Fashion shows, concerts, theatre, opera, mainly with Sony FX9, FX3 and now FR7. We are looking now to introduce it to a few other countries.

As we believe you have to try it first to grasp all the possibilities, we will plan a demo/training day with CVP and we can also support a few teams that would like to try the system first on a real event. As such, if there’s any interest, feel free to come and meet our CEO & Founder, David Bourgeois, at CVP’s booth on the BSC’s Mezzanine Floor (001) and we’re part of the Cine & Live Productions Solutions area. Or just get in touch, we can answer your questions and prepare a kit for you to test.

If you would like to know more, a few pointers:

Our support website is a great resource where you can find step-by-step guides, technical details and more to help you to get started and extract all the potential of the Cyanview system.

Cyanview Support Website