Cyanview RCP-J next to Cyanview RCP and Cyanview Iris Joystick

Which RCP model should you choose?

Any equipment should meet your needs and integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

If you plan to use the RCP for multi-camera control, the joystick might seem better but that’s not necessarily true or even more efficient. Usually the RCP is synchronized with the router. So when you switch cameras on the RCP, the router follows and when you change on the router, the RCP follows. That allows quick adjustments of cameras one after the other from the same panel.

The joystick is more of an advantage in a one RCP per camera workflow but we’ve still designed the joystick version to fit nicely into multiple scenarios. It’s possible to lock the joystick to a main camera and keep switching the upper part of the RCP to the other cameras. It’s a kind of split-camera mode which could be interesting (keep reading for more details).

The 2023 Cyanview RCP-J and Cyanview RCP

How does the joystick behave when switching between cameras to be controlled?

  • The joystick works in relative and there are spring effects on each end of the travel range. So if you cycle through cameras and end-up at the end of the travel, you can keep pushing to continue opening/closing the iris further.
  • You can also reposition the joystick by pressing and holding the preview button, it acts like the “free” button on Grass Valley.
  • You can still use the exposure encoder if you need to quickly cycle and adjust all cameras without moving the joystick.
  • If one RCP controls one main camera and a few secondary cameras like PTZs, you could lock the joystick to the main camera (i.e. a Sony FX9) and cycle the top part of the RCP only through the remaining cameras. You could then have 4 RCPs with the joysticks locked to the 4 main FX9s, and use the top of the RCPs to control 4 PTZs or even more if needed. It’s a kind of hybrid workflow, having one joystick per important camera, and sharing the RCP to control the others.

You can also assign the joystick to gain or variable ND, depending on the cameras or color correctors that you are going to control.

To learn more about the RCP-J and how to upgrade from a RCP to a RCP-J check this page.

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